Tomb45 Hair Building Fibers 25g – 3 colors available

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Tomb45 Hair Building Fibers 25g – 3 colors available

Tomb 45 combines experience and innovation to give you a Brand that represents where barbering started, the influence we had, our respect for the profession, and the rebirth of it all.

Each of our products are designed by industry professionals for professional barbers. We strive to create high-quality, comfortable to use, durable and reliable products that you will want to use every day.

Tomb 45 Hair Building Fibers provides a natural-looking solution for hair loss, thinning, or spotty areas along the hairline or beard.

Our formula is made from real keratin protein fibers and available in various shades to get the perfect match.

Give your clients a sharp, full look with our natural Keratin Fiber Powder!

  • Blends seamlessly with natural hair
  • Available in 3 fiber colors
  • Generous 25g bottle
  • Pump is sold Separately !

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