StyleCraft S|C Peewee 1200 Folding Handle Compact Travel Hair Dryer – White

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StyleCraft S|C Peewee 1200 Folding Handle Compact Travel Hair Dryer – White.

Designed for the best possible on-the-go performance, the PeeWee 1200 compact dryer utilizes nourishing Tri-Plex Fusion technology to seal the hair cuticle with moisture and shine. The ultra-powerful and portable dryer that won’t damage your hair has finally arrived — sometimes size really
doesn’t matter.

• Tri-Plex Fusion to Reduce Frizz for Healthy, Silky Hair
• 1000 Watt Powerful Micro-Motor
• Foldable Handle for Compact Storage
• Built-in Convenient Stand
• Removable Filter
• Dual Voltage
• Luxurious Travel Bag, Concentrator Nozzle, and Diffuser
• 7 FT Power Cord



Styling your hair may be the last thing on your mind when you are traveling from one place to another, especially so if you are busy trying to catch connecting flights and a series of meetings. But looking good and put together is just as important as showing up on time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a tool that will make hairstyling easier for you?

The PeeWee Dryer by StyleCraft has the right features and attachments to make hairstyling a breeze.

Ultra-Portable Beauty Essential

Featuring a foldable design, our hair dryer is compact and easy to pack. It also comes with a convenient travel bag. This lightweight tool will barely add to the weight of your luggage. Plus, your hand won’t get tired easily while you’re using it. A professional 7-foot power cord, a built-in stand, and two attachments work together to ensure a convenient styling experience for you.

Flexible Voltage Capacity

Choosing products with a dual voltage is a must when traveling abroad. Europe and most other countries subscribe to a voltage standard that is twice as high compared to the US. You will need a transformer to use the usual 120V appliances abroad. Otherwise, you could end up blowing it out. Equipped with a dual voltage, our hair dryer makes life easier for you. Just pack it as it is–no additional accessories needed!


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