MARMARA barber cologne NO. 3 brown 250ml

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Marmara barber cologne NO. 3 brown 250ml

  • travel size barber cologne by Marmara,In different markets in different shapes, smells, sizes, preferences, ways of pouring, but it is a must.
  • Some barbers use it, some sell it.
  • Some barbers only buy, some barbers refill from big bottle.
  • Some barbers use eau de cologne, some barbers use after shave cologne, some barbers use now “barber cologne”, but they all use it.
  • What’s happening nowadays is that there is a shift to “barber cologne” – something more of a “eau de parfume” than “eau de cologne”… something in between.
  • Smells better, costs more, but heavily demanded.
  • [250ml].

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