L3VEL3™ Spritz 100 ml

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L3VEL3™ Spritz 100 ml

L3VEL3™ Hair Holding Spritz  | Soft Hold Fibers Hair Holding | Natural Shine Hair Spritz

L3VEL3™ Hair Spritz formula provides a soft and flexible hair styling hold while adding a hint of shine. The hair spritz can be used on damp or dry hair to prevent heat and sun damage. The formula is gentle enough to hold the hairstyle in place without the residue or the firm texture. Depending, on the hairstyle you are aiming for, the spritz maybe your best bet. The spritz is perfect for taming stubborn frizzy flyaways while leaving you with a soft mane. With the spritz choice, you can brush the hair after applying it because of its soft formula.

  • Prevents heat and sun damage
  • Locks fibers in place when applying fibers
  • Soft and flexible hair styling hold
  • Long lasting natural shine
  • No stickiness, none residue formula
  • Perfect for taming stubborn frizzy flyaways

Hold Time: All Day.

Size: 100 ml

Strength Rating: Soft hold.

Directions: Shake well before use. Hold can 30 cm (18 inches) from the hair and spray lightly. Re-apply as needed. Use it after applying hair fibers or hair fiber spray to hold and protect hair fibers.

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