Gamma+ Super Torque Cordless Balding Bulk SKIN Clipper

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Gamma+ Super Torque Cordless Balding Bulk SKIN Clipper

The GAMMA+ SKIN is a super powered clipper with a 7,200 RPMS super torque rotary motor and fully adjustable, ultra-close 45 mm Black Diamond Carbon DLC blade.

It has a smooth cutting edge with strength to mow through bulk to bald with one swipe and delivers 3 hours of run-time with 150-minute recharge. Micro-USB rechargeable capability.


The first ever professional cordless/corded super torque Skin clipper debulks down to skin in record time! This clipper takes hair to the skin like a trimmer but has the powerful motor and size of a clipper! Having the ability to debulk large amounts of hair saves time and prolongs the life of a trimmer. The super torque motor runs at 7,200 rpms and is fine-tuned for increased efficiency and performance.


The Skin Clipper is engineered with a Lithium-ion battery that delivers a 3-hour run-time and can fully charge in 150 minutes. Recharge the Skin Clipper 3 different ways; with the universal micro-USB cord, 2 prong pass through charging cord, or the included charging stand. The LED battery light indicator on the front will activate when charging, once charging is complete the light will deactivate.


Italian designed and engineered for peak performance. Introducing new color series in matte metallic green, matte gold, and matte gunmetal. A convenient hook located on the bottom is great for hanging and storage when not in use. This clipper is made to be used without a lever, conventional bracket kit will be available to add a lever and modify the Skin into a conventional style clipper (kit sold separately).


Gamma+ has collaborated with TaylorCutz, a giant in the barber industry with over 25 years of experience. Taylor has become a point of reference for many professional barbers and worked closely with Gamma+ to perfect the Skin clipper. After a rigorous process of testing and adjusting he has officially given the Skin his stamp of approval. His fading and cutting techniques inspire the masses and set global trends.


Assembled with a fixed Black Diamond Carbon DLC SKIN blade with super fine, shallow teeth that smoothly debulk no matter the hair type. The Black Diamond deep slim moving blade feeds hair efficiently and smoothly to prevent snagging and pulling when cutting large amounts of hair. Thick, coarse, thin, or fine hair – the Skin provides the quickest, most efficient cut.


INCLUDES: 1 Year warranty, Balding Clipper, Double Black Diamond Carbon DLC Skin balding blade, Deep Slim moving blade, 5 black guard attachments (1/16”, 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”), micro-USB cord, charging stand, maintenance kit.

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