Slick Gorilla Lightwork 2.5oz

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Slick Gorilla Lightwork 2.5oz

Slick Gorilla Lightwork Hair Clay for Light to Medium Hold (70g) is a versatile product for all hair types and textures which need a fresh look without shine. It delivers weightless dimension and body with a light to medium hold styling factor. Whilst providing a sharp-looking, matte finish, it is mouldable, facilitating a messy, bed-head look in seconds. Leaving the hair feeling neither dry nor greasy, this clay is easy to wash out and can be used as a pre-styler with any other Slick Gorilla products. Cruelty-free & vegan-friendly. Directions of use: Scoop the clay out, warm it up in your palms until it becomes pliable, and apply evenly through your hair. For a wet-look finish, work it into wet hair. For a natural finish, apply to dry hair. For finer details, use the Slick Gorilla Texture Comb or your fingertips to define areas you want to stand out.

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